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Northern Link PR Sweden is a flexible PR and communications agency with highly skilled and experienced communications advisors.


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We work closely with our clients to help them reach their goals and ambitions. Here are some of the clients that we are proud to collaborate with now and in the past.

How we can solve the problem?

Northern Link PR was founded for companies with Nordic ambitions. We aim to be the best choice for companies that need and want to communicate with their Swedish or Nordic audience.

We align your messaging, communications strategy, and tactics with your business goals, ensuring you impact the region. We specialize in communications and PR services that can be developed for and adapted to  your unique situation.

Cyber security, business software, and network solutions

NLPR has extensive experience working with well-established international technology brands and new and promising start-ups, especially in the IT security, business solutions, and network solutions industries. Client experience ranges from IT security and consultancy brands like Verizon Business and F-Secure to more specialized players focusing on backup solutions, DDoS protection, and Incident Response. On the business solutions and services side, we have worked with brands like Snow Software, Workday, Snowflake, Veeam, Mimecast, Zoom, Basefarm, and Owl Labs. We have worked broadly on creating go-to spokespeople in the media, thought leadership, and data-driven PR for many of these brands.

The energy transition and mobility

NLPR has worked with various brands in the energy transition sector, focusing on the mobility sector. We have helped e-scooter and e-bike brands to communicate efficiently with public decision-makers and consumers by setting up interviews and helping them express themselves through opinion pieces and thought leadership articles. Our efforts have provided the target audience with interesting and clear viewpoints on hot topics ranging from e-scooter safety best practices to government policies related to sustainable transport. We have also managed social media campaigns, raising awareness of the unique benefits that our customers bring to the market. Also, we have promoted clients in the EV charging infrastructure market through various programs, including product testing, press office, and thought leadership.

Internet consumer brands and the sharing economy

As one of our first clients, Facebook, engaged Northern Link PR to manage its overall communications program in the Nordics. This included media relations, marketing PR, issues management, and executive PR. Needless to say, media interest was high. You may even be one of the 600 million people* globally who reads about the launch of Facebook’s green data center in the city of Luleå, Sweden. Since then, additional world-leading internet brands like Airbnb, Pinterest, Yelp, Nextdoor, and Uber have collaborated with us for Nordic communications and PR. For Pinterest, Yelp, and Nextdoor, we have had the opportunity to manage their Nordic market launches.

Logistics and infrastructure

Efficient and sustainable transportation and distribution systems are essential for a country like Sweden, with an extensive coastline and a large network of railways and roads. Northern Link PR has collaborated with companies that offer supply chain technology solutions and consultancy services, as well as players participating in creating the infrastructure itself.

Consumer tech and review programs

Impactful PR is crucial for consumer tech brands as it contributes to credibility, market visibility, claims validation, and customer perception. NLPR has worked with brands such as D-Link, Nanoleaf, Panasonic and hybrid hardware solutions like Owl Labs in this area. For example, NLPR worked with Panasonic in a pan-Nordic product review and press office program for many years, resulting in the client receiving multiple best-in-test awards and thousands of pieces of coverage.


NLPR has worked with various brands in the Martech and content management space, including local companies like Sitevision and global brands like Hubspot, Contentsquare, and Oath (Yahoo!). Other brands targeting both marketing and business media with their advertising offerings include Facebook and Pinterest. Working with these companies has given us extensive experience and great media contacts in the CMS and Martech space.


Strategic Communications
  • Brand & messaging platform
  • Communication platform
  • Crisis communication
  • Media training
  • Employer branding
PR & Corporate Communication
  • Brand & corporate communication
  • Press releases & media relations
  • Opinion pieces and bylined articles
  • Product launches, testing & review programs
  • Media monitoring & analysis
  • Internal communication
  • Translation services
Digital & Content
  • Social media management
  • Influencer relationship management
  • Digital communication strategies
  • Case studies
  • Content production
  • Reports & White papers
  • Web copy
Investor Relations & Public Affairs
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Financial communication
  • Interim & annual reports
  • Media management
  • Relationship building with policymakers, government officials, and organizations
  • Advocacy
  • Message delivery training

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